Who we are

                        At Lenovo, innovation isn’t just what we do, it’s part of our DNA. It doesn’t just make us who we are, it flows through everything we do—from the smartphone in your pocket and light bulbs in your smart home to the servers in your data center. And beyond.

                        About Us

                        Our story began more than three decades ago with a team of eleven engineers in China. Today, we are a diverse group of forward thinkers and innovators in more than 160 countries, constantly reimagining technology to make the world more interesting and to solve tough global challenges.

                        We are dedicated to transforming our customers’ experience with technology—and how it, and they, interact with the world around us. We call this Intelligent Transformation. We are setting the stage for what’s possible with technology shaped by Augmented Intelligence, capable of enhancing and elevating human capability.

                        We have a proven history of results with $43B in revenue, hundreds of millions of customers, and four devices sold per second. We owe our success to having:

                        The broadest range of connected devices, from smartphones to the data center.

                        Unmatched efficiency, driven by our scale and end-to-end control of our supply chain.

                        A highly adaptive multi-business strategy.

                        A rich, inclusive culture fostered by a diverse management team.

                        Our Vision

                        At Lenovo, our vision is that we will create personal devices more people are inspired to own, a culture where more people aspire to join, and an enduring, trusted business that is well respected around the world.

                        This vision guides us in pursuit of our mission to become one of the world’s greatest personal technology companies. We will accomplish this through:

                        Smart Devices

                        Lead in PCs and be respected for our product innovation and quality.


                        Provide an ecosystem of smart devices, services and applications powered through the data center to help people connect to what really matters.


                        Be recognized as one of the best, most trusted, and admired companies to work for and do business with.

                        Our Culture

                        A company where all add value, and where all belong.

                        Our unique We Are Lenovo culture underpins everything we do. While we were born in the East, we are now a truly global workforce. Our diversity helps us rethink, reimagine, and reinvent faster. And our culture builds on our similarities and flourishes in the way difference makes us better.

                        We like to think and act differently by:

                        Advancing workplace gender equality, earning us a top-100 listing on Working Mothers' Best Companies.

                        Preparing the next generation of product developers with STEM and diversity training through The Lenovo Foundation.

                        Promoting women in STEM with the Lenovo Scholar Network and The Fran O’ Sullivan Women in Lenovo Leadership.

                        Engaging the most varied and qualified suppliers through our Supplier Diversity program.

                        Our People

                        At Lenovo, our people share a common aspiration to be the very best. Whether serving our customers, working together as a team, or contributing to the community, we are working to build a unique company—one that delivers unparalleled products created and supported by people who represent a wealth of cultures and experiences.

                        Our strength lies in this diversity. And every day, on every project, we are creating a new language for inclusion and respect for others. We are dedicated to fostering an environment that encourages entrepreneurism and ownership—a workplace where people’s talents can be challenged, and their efforts recognized and rewarded.


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