The heart of the data center

                        Drive your business forward with a server that matches your needs. Reduce costs and complexity by investing in a system that handles today's workload and expands to accommodate future growth.

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                        Lenovo Rack Servers

                        Rack Servers

                        Balanced design. Built for business. Lenovo rack-mount servers.

                        Lenovo Tower Series

                        Tower Servers

                        Workload hungry. Budget friendly. ThinkSystem and System x tower servers.

                        Lenovo Blade Servers

                        Blade Servers

                        No-compromise Flex System Blades. Highly composable blade architecture.

                        Lenovo Mission-Critical Servers

                        Mission-Critical Servers

                        Industry-leading capabilities. High-end rack-mount & blade servers.

                        Lenovo High-Density Servers

                        High-Density Servers

                        HPC optimized systems. NeXtScale system, iDataPlex & clusters.

                        Lenovo Server Options

                        Server Options

                        Storage, networking, memory, processor, rack & power options.

                        The Future-Defined Data Center

                        The future-defined data center

                        #1 in Customer Satisfaction and Server Reliability

                        “Performance is the most important point that really confirms Lenovo's reliability.” 
                        - TBR, December 10, 2017

                        Trust in working with a data center partner is paramount; Lenovo’s leadership in x86 server customer satisfaction and reliability are two very critical attributes that set Lenovo apart from the competition.

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                        Lenovo Services

                        Accelerate your digital  transformation

                        Lenovo's expert consultants and technicians have extensive industry experience and deep technical expertise to help you transform your data center into a resilient, future-ready IT foundation designed to meet complex business requirements.

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                        Why Choose Lenovo Data Center

                        Global Reach

                        Our innovation draws upon a world of knowledge, embracing worldwide collaboration to unlock new thinking and the flexibility to help you capitalize on today’s opportunities.

                        Quality & Reliability

                        Lenovo products are tested and proven to the highest standards. Designed for the most demanding applications and workloads.


                        From innovation to design to components, Lenovo data center products yield top-tier performance ‐ so your enterprise can do the same.


                        Lenovo employs the most stringent security requirements to help you keep your business safe and running - day after day - and keep your data protected.


                        When you invest in a Lenovo data center product, expect maximum returns. Easy integration, flexible design, and scalable products ensure you get more for your money.

                        Services & Support

                        With Lenovo, you get more than a system. It’s a team committed to providing services where each interaction, at every phase of the IT lifecycle, gives you the power to innovate.

                        Supply Chain

                        No weak links in this chain. Industry-recognized, our global supply chain ensures our systems are pre-tested and pre-integrated, and reach you ready to deploy ‐ when you need them.