Infrastructure as a Service


                        Infrastructure as a Service

                        Global cloud reach with local presence

                        With businesses relying more and more upon hybrid infrastructure environments, it is critical for them to work with a capable partner like Lenovo who can design, implement and support full hybrid and multi-cloud solutions in order to obtain the full value from an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering.

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                        Global cloud reach with local presence

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                        • Overview


                          Deploying a hybrid cloud architecture

                          Whether you have a designed solution or want to test and build new capability for your organization, you can directly access a wide range of services and third-party applications to start, scale or enhance your offerings. Lenovo IaaS solutions include a wide variety of content supporting a large number of common business challenges, including:

                          • Platforms to develop, test, deploy and scale a variety of services including mobile applications, IoT, blockchain and gaming
                          • Backup, archive and disaster recovery
                          • Managing mission-critical SAP workloads
                          • Business intelligence tools
                          • Big data and analytics tools
                          • E-commerce platform management


                          Deploying a hybrid cloud architecture
                        • Value


                          Benefits of Infrastructure as a Service

                          Achieve single point of delivery – Lenovo can deliver a complete hardware and software solution supporting ThinkAgile SX for Microsoft Azure Stack with a unified point of support for the complete infrastructure.

                          Expand services by blending private cloud with public cloud – Achieve a hybrid cloud computing model by leveraging on premise Lenovo hardware and blending it with Azure Services. A full set of professional services are available to realize a hybrid cloud deployment.

                          Obtain global cloud reach with local presence – Azure Services can be deployed in over 50 regions. Microsoft protects data in its facilities with industry-leading physical security systems that are compliant with local security standards and regulations. This portfolio of assets and capability enables any organization to scale globally while still maintaining local data privacy, security, and business continuity concerns.


                          Benefits of Infrastructure as a Service
                        • Portfolio


                          Leverage the power of Lenovo + Microsoft Azure

                          Lenovo Services – Lenovo brings scale and credibility to solution creation and run-time performance. As a leading provider of x86 systems for the data center, our expertise extends from decades of building, deploying and supporting infrastructure solutions. With businesses relying more and more upon hybrid environments, it is critical to work with a partner like Lenovo who can design, implement and support full hybrid solutions.

                          Microsoft Azure Services – The Microsoft Azure Services portfolio is a powerful set of tools and capabilities ideal for any small, medium or large-scale enterprise to create value across their business. Azure capabilities include tools and resources to assess and scale solutions that are secure, compliant and controlled by the business.


                          Leverage the power of Lenovo + Microsoft Azure
                        • Professional Services

                          Professional Services

                          A cloud transformation is services led

                          Lenovo employs a cloud transformation approach designed to allow businesses to focus on their business success rather than project success. The Lenovo Professional Services team can assess, design, implement and manage a premier hybrid cloud solution with the following Lenovo services:

                          • Assessment – Identify opportunities for system and infrastructure improvements. This consulting service includes discovery of current infrastructure to evaluate how to best integrate legacy considerations into a cloud transformation project.
                          • Cloud Design – Leverage Lenovo expertise to speed time to value and optimize IT investments. This service features solution architecture design support with technology options and to future-proof hybrid cloud designs, migration planning and project setup.
                          • Cloud Implementation – These services address hardware deployment, infrastructure installation, configuration implementation as well as performance and security testing. Additionally Lenovo supports data and application migration services for a wide variety of platforms.
                          • Cloud Managed Services – Rely on Lenovo experts for continuous system monitoring and problem resolution for both hardware and software. Cloud managed services include monitoring and operational services of cloud platforms including capacity planning, provisioning, code updates, utilization optimization and security management.
                        • Support


                          Support services for Azure cloud

                          The Lenovo IaaS portfolio includes customer support services to assist our customers with their use of Microsoft Azure Services. With this service, Lenovo provides businesses with the ability to contact support via telephone 9x5. This support service team may also be contacted via email for callback support the following business day. The support team is comprised of resources to address questions that span user groups. An FAQ is provided for customers to obtain help using self-service modes. Lenovo works with Microsoft as necessary to assist businesses with public cloud services.


                          Support services for Azure cloud
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