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                        Design, build and deploy your unique hyperscale solution with the only company offering trueend-to-end ownership.

                        Hyperscale Computing

                        We're the only company with true end-to-end capabilities for your unique hyperscale solution. We'll help you design, build and deploy worldwide - all in-house.


                        Meet your business goals now with our hyperscale experts

                        We understand the difference between hyperscale users and enterprise customers. As a strategic partner you can trust to deliver value for your hyperscale needs, we offer rapid innovation, quality products, aggressive pricing, quick delivery, unique time-to-bid cycles, and flexible service and support.


                        We are the only company that can provide in-house design, manufacturing, and global services capabilities for your custom hyperscale solution.

                        Collaborative solutions

                        Our dedicated teams of experienced hyperscale architects will work with you to design the optimal solution for your data center with a flexible customer-defined procurement model.

                        Tailored to you

                        Our industry-leading global supply chain and Lenovo-owned manufacturing sites enable us to build to your exact specifications and deliver quickly and inexpensively, worldwide.

                        Ongoing support

                        Our “rack-and-roll” capability with a dedicated customer management support team and customized maintenance services enables easy deployment and smooth continuing operation.

                        End-to-end solution

                        Unlike OEMs, ODMs, and System Integrators (SIs), we offer an end-to-end in-house solution. In fact, we are the only company in the industry that offers in-house design, manufacturing, services, and support capabilities globally, to not only reduce your TCO but add value as well. Our hyperscale architects will work with you to design the best solution for your needs - with no unnecessary frills - to give you the best configuration at the lowest price.

                        Close collaboration

                        We have dedicated teams of people with extensive technical and business expertise who will collaborate with you to establish a mutually beneficial relationship. Lenovo hyperscale architects will provide a proof of concept that you can test and validate in your own environment. Then Lenovo's engineers will design, test, validate, and qualify the product in-house. Our design capabilities range from component-level to integration-level, and because it's all done in-house, it reduces the cost and delivery time.

                        Integrated supply chain

                        From planning a forecast schedule to procuring parts, building the product in our own manufacturing sites, and getting the product to our customers - our world-renowned supply chain flexibility supports the most stringent criteria. Unlike a typical OEM, ODM, or SI, which would have to engage a third party for their supply chain, our highly efficient supply chain (Gartner Top 25) eliminates a major expense item from your overall costs. Plus, doing everything in-house gives us much better control over the quality of the outcome.




                        Lenovo's unique and differentiated approach to hyperscale solutions

                        Not all hyperscale solutions are created equal. Lenovo has a unique and differentiated approach.


                        Lenovo's secret recipe for hyperscale success is called 'ODM+'

                        Lenovo's ODM+ behaves and functions as more than an ODM - and with the power and reach of Lenovo.


                        Your needs are specific, and our expert consultants and technicians can meet them with their extensive industry experience and deep technical knowledge

                        Solutions Services

                        Solution Services

                        Design the best strategy for your enterprise. We'll work with you to find the right solution for your unique business needs.

                        Implementation Services

                        Implementation Services

                        Accelerate your time to productivity. We'll help you streamline implementation of new technologies so you can focus on your business. 

                        Support services

                        Support Services

                        Safeguard your IT investment. Our experts are standing by to help, around the world and around the clock - 24/7/365.

                        Truscale Infrastructure Services

                        TruScale Infrastructure Services

                        Enhance your ability to scale your IT hardware, software and support capabilities as your rapidly changing infrastructure needs evolve.

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