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                        Recent site improvements based on Customer feedback
                        ThinkPad T550Completed April 2015
                        ThinkPad T550 width incorrectly stated on website. This was corrected after receiving customer feedback.
                        Lenovo Academic Purchase ProgramCompleted March 2015
                        Updated Lenovo Academic Purchase Program site which could not be navigated on mobile devices upon selecting a school
                        Battery FinderCompleted March 2015
                        Battery Finder not functional. Determined feed was improperly setup. Have corrected with developers so that Finder now functions normally.
                        ThinkPad E555Completed February 2015
                        ThinkPad E555 configurator issue corrected via disclaimer. Customer was not informed of updated pricing when selecting a better processor.
                        PC Finder QuizCompleted January 2015
                        Corrected error where, in select instances, PC Finder experience resets without displaying results when clicking Display My ideal PCs.
                        Guest CheckoutCompleted December 2014
                        Guest checkout functionality repaired to ensure an easy and enjoyable purchase experience.
                        Product SpecsCompleted December 2014
                        Updated Product Specs so that products on site reflect only available specs for purchase.
                        360 Degree Spin Completed November 2014
                        Updated 360 degree spin to work on mobile devices to optimize customer experience.
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